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Providing a comprehensive model in response to human trafficking where: Victims are respected and empowered, Service Providers are enabled to offer quality care, Government Agencies are supported through shared intelligence, Partners are resourced and equipped, Communities are engaged and educated, and Donors are assured of financial integrity.



ATB’s Special Investigation Unit (SIU) conducts covert and overt investigative and intelligence operations through the pre-operational, operational, and post-operational phases obtaining evidence through various intelligence sources.


Rescue Operations

The planning of a rescue operation takes precision and timing. ATB always works with a collaboration order issued by the Federal police requesting operational assistance. These operations have been responsible for the arrest of 60 traffickers and the recovery of hundreds of victims.


Victim Services

All victims deserve to feel safe and supported, and our goal is to build trust and respect from the moment victims enter the Trafficking Assessment Center. Each case will be assessed through our collaborative efforts and the appropriate decisions will be determined with each individual for their journey towards healing, self-sufficiency and independence.


Training and Prevention

The Anti-Trafficking Bureau (ATB) is dedicated to equipping individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to combat human trafficking effectively. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to address various aspects of this critical issue, from educational awareness to tactical operations.

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